Cape Town is one of the favourite city worldwide. Cape Town is one of the most multiracial cities of the world. The city sits of South Africa’s peninsula with the water of with the waters of the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean converge and spectacular mountains tumble towards the sea. For centuries the cape of good hope synonymous with danger as the European ships bravely round the pararelless waters on roots to the reaches of Asia. This is the city that which despite its challenges shines as an examples of hope not only to south Africa but to the world.

So what are the top  things to do here The first thing is Table Mountain which is the symbol o0f the city a massive huge plateau from where one can overlooking the city below take the cable car up and enjoy a sunset cocktail at the mountain top bar . Then on number two we have Lions Head which is the Table Mountains Little sister, this 45 minute hike is really popular with locals and it’s a healthy way to start your trip. Then we the another destination here is Llandudno to spend your afternoon here A gorgeous beach town with beautiful people and great waves. But this keep your eyes peeled because the waters are sharky.

And now the Cage Diving comes on the number four which is three hours from the cape town at shark alley which has the highest concentration of great white sharks in the world. Then one can do the wine tasting, actually Cape Town’s Mediterranean climate makes it perfect for cultivating wine especially South Africa’s own Pinotage grape. Here you can find many wineries around the wildlife centuries and most offer tastings paired with incredible food.

Then the 6th destination in the city is Chapman’s Peak Road, have to take the long way back to Cape Town with a drive down the scenic Chapman’s Peak road home to some of the most gorgeous coastline in South Africa. For extra fun and style points rent a ride and do it in a motorcycle side car.

And don’t forget to visit Castle Of God which is the oldest building here built between 1666 and 1679 by the Dutch East India Company. Overall you find whales, penguins, Ostriches, Mountains and famous capes of Africa all in Cape Town.