Staying in these hotels may not be realistic but hey you can dream. Welcome to Flight N Hotels and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten luxurious hotels in New York City. Are you a fan of our articles, be sure to follow to FlightNHotels.Com, so that you will be notified about our latest articles. For this list we’re looking at the most over-the-top expensive and elegant places to stay in New York City which tend to be clustered in midtown Manhattan.

Number 10 is the mark hotel Denmark calls itself New York’s most boldly lavish hotel and they may just beright located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, just a few blocks from the Metropolitan Museum of Art rooms. At this hotel, can run you more than $1,000 a night. It’s been ranked by a variety of publications as one of the top hotels in the world and boasts the largest hotel suite in the United States with its penthouse. The hotel restaurant is named for its super chef Joseph von Greece den and the hotel’s partnership with luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman is a boon for serious shoppers.

Number 9 is the baccarat hotel located in midtown close to the Museum of Modern Art. The baccarat Hotel is perfectly located for exploring all of Manhattan’s tourist hotspots the decor this establishment whose name was inspired by the iconic French crystal wear company is the main attraction with the Telegraph calling it blingy in a wonderful way. There’s more crystal here than a hip-hop video. The hotel features a la Mer spa and they offer a city car service where you can be chauffeured around in a luxury car. Well as long as it’s within 15 blocks of the baccarat.

Number 8 is the Lowell Hotel the Lowell Hotel has been an Upper East Side institution, since it was constructed in 1927 with only 47 suites and 27 deluxe rooms. This boutique hotel prides itself on top-level service and offer every amenity you should expect from such a well-respected establishment. On top of that they pride themselves in being pet friendly and offer dog walking services as well as a 24-hour pet menu in case pie dough getspeckish at an unusual hour. They can also help you acquire tickets to a sensibly old out shows so stay here may be aware the expense for Hamilton fans.

Number 7 is the chat wall if you’re a theater fan looking for somewhere to stay while you take in all the latest Broadway shows. There’s perhaps no better choice than the chat wall located in the theater district just steps away from Times Square you’ll be right in the midst of the hustle and bustle. The interior was designed by Stanford white who’s best known for working on the original Madison Square Garden the art deco styling will make you feel like you’re taking a glorious step back in time and do we notice a trend. Your stay there includes a car service that will take you anywhere within 20 blocks adeus as well as butler service.

Numbers 6 is the Pierre located on the south east corner of Central Park, the pier is itself an iconic New York City landmark the hotel opened in 1930 and ever since then has been considered one of the premier places to stay in the city. The building’s facade has become a treasured and familiar view for anyone strolling at the southern edge of the park. Among the standard luxury amenities they also offer complimentary hotel Jaguar service on a first-come first-served basis as well as packing and unpacking services and access to personal trainers.

Number 5 is the Mandarin Oriental New York, on the other side of Central Park near Columbus Circle you’ll find the esteemed Mandarin Oriental. The view from the upper level hotel lobby is renowned for having unparalleled views of the park and is the perfect place to grab a drink. There many rooms feature views of either the park or the Hudson River and are all decorated in a modern and tasteful way. The hotel is one of the only Forbes five-star spas on the island and has received countless awards and accolades. The Mandarin Oriental also offers permanent residences. If you like it so much you’ll want to move in.

Number 4 is the st. Regis New York, The oldest hotel on our list so far the st. Regis has been operating since 1904 it was built by John Jacob Astor. The fourth who at the time was one of the wealthiest men in the country located at the corner of Fifth Avenue amidst all the luxury shopping you could imagine. The hotel is not wavered and its focus on excellence since its inception more than a century ago. The hotel has been frequented by many famous faces including Salvador Dali Alfred Hitchcock and John Lennon. So seeing you’d be in good company would be a major understatement.

Number 3 is the ritz-carlton New York Central Park, from 1930 to 1999 the hotel that stood at 50 Central Park South was the hotel st. Moritzas of 2002 however after a major revamp and a rebranding it became the ritz-carlton New York Central Park. The ritz-carlton name is synonymous with luxury and that reputation is clearly justified here as we’ve seen like many of the city’s other great hotels. It’s located on Central Park and offers every amenity you could imagine, the police is so iconic that they even created a signature scent 50 Central Park which they sell in the form of candles and room sprays so you can always feel like you’re there. Number 2 is the plaza hotel, when you think of classic New York hotels the plaza is probably what comes to mind, it’s been featured in countless movies and TV shows because of its iconic status in the city Eloise grew up there Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan meet there in the Great Gatsby and real-life legends the Beatles have been guests. Some of its interior spaces like the Palm Court and the Oak Room have become destinations for high tea sand fine dining. If you want to feel like your experience in New York as generations have before you this is undoubtedly the place to stay before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions.

Number 1 is the peninsula New York, standing at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 55th Street that is what is perhaps the most sought-after intersections. In the country is the peninsula New York it combines all of the elements of the other hotels we’ve discussed and then some in 2007 it was named one of the best hotels in the world by travel in Leisure magazine and a decade later it certainly lives up to that standard. You’d better start saving up though because the night there will cost you at least a thousand dollars and to stay in one of the hotel suites will be twice that do you agree with our picks checkout these other great articles listed in our website. Thankyou for be here. Hope you enjoyed and get informed.